14 Cute and Creative Pairs of Socks and Tights

The weather is changing and it’s time start thinking about your new winter wardrobe! If you’re a tights and socks kind of person then you’ll simply love this collection we’ve put together. They all have fun and unique designs that will jazz up any winter outfit whilst keeping you warm at the same time. You’ll feel great in what your wearing when everyone comments and asks where you got your tights or socks from! Most of them are actually available right here on Awesome Inventions so if you see some you like you know where to get them from! Which ones are your favorite? Let us know in the comments section below!

Cat Print Stockings

cat print tights

Find them here: Cat Print Stockings

Climbing Man Tights


Bone Socks

bone socks

Find them here: Bone Socks

Sushi Socks


Superhero Socks

superhero socks

Find them here: Superhero Socks

Kitten Paw Socks


Sandal Socks

sandal socks

Find them here: Sandal Socks

Watermelon Socks


Pencil Socks

pencil socks

Find them here: Pencil Socks

Eiffel Tower Tights


Shark Bite Socks

shark bite socks

Find them here: Shark Bite Socks

Veins and Arteries Tights


Cat Climbing Tights

cat climbing tights

Find them here: Cat Climbing Tights

Melting Tights