Craziest Beauty Fails That You Won’t Bother Trying At Home

It takes a lot of effort to look great. But these hilarious beauty fails will make you realize how some people go out of their depths to look beautiful. When it comes to beauty hacks, the internet has an endless repository of video tutorials and do-it-yourself lessons. But people eventually realize that reality was a far cry from the expectation. I guess not everyone can simply become beauty experts just by imitating other beauty professionals on Youtube or Pinterest. It certainly takes talent and skills to pull off these beauty hacks. If you think you’re not cut out for it, please do yourself a favor and stop humiliating yourself. Here are our list of the craziest beauty fails that you won’t bother trying at home. Enjoy and feel free to have a good laugh.



It’s not even close. Now how would you get rid of that mess?

Twitter | DanielleSuzan

Her expectation of the mermaid hair falls short.

Reddit | MintBB

The heart-shaped braid is cute but is hard to execute. Her version of this is called the chaotic heart braid.


The hair water splash is a sight to see. But when you do it poorly, it becomes an eyesore.

Imgur | deesmutts88

Most women would go for the scary-yet-gorgeous look for Halloween. But these women’s version of this makeup is best suited for April Fools.

Reddit | gatorrrrr

Less is more only when more is too much.

Twitter | Nicoleyy_9

Contouring the face for killer cheekbones is picture-prefect. Just make sure to do it the right way or you’ll end up looking as if you just swiped a hot iron on your cheeks.


Worst makeup and hair fails



Somewhere out there, another girl has lost her eyelashes with this savage weapon.


The gecko on the second guy’s head looks like it’s on the verge of dying.


When you try to ‘nail’ it but you just can’t.

Twitter | xLolitaCassx

They say curly hair looks good on me just like this woman on the left. I shouldn’t have believed them.

Reddit | Yugen9x

Sprinkles on the lips looks so lusciously kissable. But then you woke up to reality.

sprinkles lips beauty fails
Reddit | fnord-prefect

Guys should not be allowed to touch any make up.

Twitter | naharmon887

Hair highlights done right vs. hair highlights gone wrong.

Imgur | TheSoulOfTheRose

Just because your favorite celebrity is using it doesn’t mean you should try it too.

Twitter | blackorchids