These Illustrations Can Teach You Sign Language In The Cutest Way


Check out this incredibly cute and adorable sign language alphabet which mixes illustration with photography. Chicago's brainchild web designer and illustrator Alex Solis, created this series of photos with the hope that hand signs could be more easily remembered. Each letter is represented with a cute little animal, whose initial corresponds with the given letter. Read on to see just how amazing this project is.

Website: LaLimonadaCreativa


A for Apple


B for Bear


C for Cats


D for Dog


E for Eagle and Elephant


F for Fish and Fox


G for Gorilla


H for Hippo


I for Iguana and Ice Cream


J for Jaguar


K for Koala


L for Lion


M for Monkeys



N for Narwhal


O for Octopus


P for Pig and Penguin


Q for Quail


R for Rabbit


S for Skunk


T for Turtle and Toucan


U for Unicorn


V for Vampire Bat


W for Walrus


X for X-Rayed Fish


Y for Yak and Yarn


Z for Zebra

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