You Can Get An 8ft National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation Snow Globe For Your Front Yard

national lampoon’s christmas vacationBy now, you’ve probably packed away everything related to the spooky extravaganza of Halloween. Even though Thanksgiving is just around the corner, your inner Frank Griswold’s probably kicked into an overdrive. Now that you’re in a festive state of mind, you’ve probably started looking for new decorations for your collection. And just when you thought you’ve seen it all, Home Depot reveals the inflatable National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation snow globe. It’s the most spectacular game-changer we’ve ever seen in the history of inflatable Christmas decorations.


suggestion display inflatable national lampoon's christmas vacation snow globe
Home Depot


It’s completely understandable if you’re not the type go out and brave the wintry weather. In fact, we’d rather keep toasty at home as much as possible during the holidays. But we have to shop for Christmas somehow, right? It’s such a blessing to live in the time where things are just a tap and click away.

The inflatable snow globe will definitely catch the attention of everyone.


inflatable national lampoon's christmas vacation height measurement
Home Depot


Snow globes are a must-have for Christmas. If you love them to then you need Home Depot’s snow globe! It is enormous and 8-feet tall. Home Depot wrote:

“Living Projections is an Airblown inflatable and Lightshow projector set with dynamic moving scenes and sound. Using advanced, high-tech image mapping, Living Projection plays 5 National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation scenes and 4 exciting transition scenes within the exact shape of the Airblown Inflatable snow globe.”

So don’t be surprised if you see your neighbors lingering in front of your lawn with this massive snow globe around! The five scenes exhibited by the LightShow projector will surely draw a lot of giggles and chuckles from your neighbors and guests. The inflatable National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation snow globe comes complete with its accessories. This game-changing outdoor decoration saves you from the trouble of struggling with tangled outdoor lights, or roof accidents. More importantly, Home Depot’s inflatable set won’t turn off the entire neighborhood’s power grid.

This inflatable snow globe is so easy to set up, there’s no way you could possibly mess it up like Clark!


inflatable national lampoon's christmas vacation snow globe with accessories included inset
Home Depot


Aside from the inflatable snow globe, the set also includes a projector, a weather-resistant case, heavy-duty lawn stakes, a remote control, and power adapter.  Since the winter weather has a tendency to get unpredictable, those heavy-duty lawn tethers will be able to keep the ‘globe’ from trotting all over. Another feature that we love about this inflatable snow globe? You can literally watch anything you want on it! Oh, and did we mention that it swivels?!

The inflatable snow globe retails for $199.00 at Home Depot. Unfortunately, as of writing, the product is currently sold out. But we’re pretty sure that Home Depot’s got a lot more of these coming as the Christmas holiday draws nearer and nearer!

Check out the National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation Snow Globe in action:

Source: Home Depot