This Guy Transformed An Old Abandoned Shack In The Desert Into Something Awesome


If you'd been the one to stumble upon this abandoned old shack in the desert, could you turn it into something as spectacular and cool as this guy did? Artist Phillip K Smith III decided to get creative with a 70 year old homesteader that was found rotting in the desert. He called the art project Lucid Stead, and it shows just what can be achieved through a little modern innovation. Something old is turned into something very new! Check it out!

Website: royaleprojects


The shack as it was before Phillip got his hands on it.


Nothing much to look at, is it?


But wait, is this the same structure?


The cabin looks to be floating; it's surreal.


It's like a shimmering, magical mirage.


The project is composed of mirrors, LED lighting, custom built electronic equipment and Arduino programming.


"It is about light and shadow, reflected light, projected light, and change," says Phillip of his work. 


As the sun sets, the project begins to change entirely. By day, it reflects and refracts the light and surrounding areas to create an illusion.



And by night, the mirrors appear as windows.


The LED lighting beautifully illuminates the surrounding area.


It's almost like a disco in the desert!


Phillip's project went on display in California, in the Joshua Tree desert.


It was meant to be displayed for only two days, but due to its popularity the exhibition was increased to a month.

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