Ingeniously Weird Gadgets Only The Japanese Could Have Invented

Here at Awesome Inventions, we like to see the potential in every gadget and creation, even the ones that seem ridiculous. This is often proven when we come across Japanese inventions. To some, they may seem bonkers, but others will find them completely brilliant! Here we have some ingeniously weird gadgets created by the Japanese. Crazy or not, these are sure to provide you with a good laugh. Take a look! 

Ingeniously Weird Gadgets

These air conditioned shoes are perfect for people who get sweaty and smelly feet! 

Never have to give the vague ‘up a bit, down a bit’ instruction for back scratching again with this t-shirt and matching chart! 

Buttering your toast has never been so easy! 

Give your noodles a helping hand in cooling down…

Know exactly when your food is ready using this temperature indicator! 

The diet half-bowl supposedly helps people to lose weight by giving the illusion that you are eating more food. 

Don’t risk hurting your self when chopping and slicing, use a fake hand instead! 

This strange bra does a countdown until you ‘find a husband’. To stop the clock you insert an engagement ring!

For those people who wipe their wet hands on their back sides, these pants are perfect for you!

This vibrating tool claims to alter your nose shape. 

Apparently pressing Ctrl + Alt + Delete all at once is too much effort. A one press tool had to be made! 

Now you can take a nap on public transport and alert others of when you need to be woken up…

This thumb extender is supposed to help people out who have big phone screens. 

This toilet roll dispensing head device is a must have for anyone with a cold. 

Carrying around an umbrella can be annoying. Wear one around your neck instead!