People Are Saying The M&M’s Orange Vanilla Creme Flavor Actually Taste Like A Creamsicle

Summer can’t be any sweeter now that we have these M&M’s Orange Vanilla Creme candies. This summer offering may sound familiar to the fans of M&M’s. And this is because this refreshing flavor first hit the shelves exclusively at Dollar General back in the summer of 2018. Unfortunately, this limited-edition flavor did not return last year despite the anticipation of many fans. But here’s the good news for everyone. The much-awaited comeback is finally happening this year, just in time for the spring and summer.

Just like in 2018, these candies will only be exclusively available at Dollar General. The white chocolate candies also feature the same packaging as the 2018 version. It comes in a 9 oz light blue-colored resealable bag although we’re not quite sure what ‘sharing size’ means. In all honesty, we can gobble down the whole bag in one sitting, all by ourselves. Who says you need to share it with somebody else?


The M&M’s Orange Vanilla Creme flavor got its inspiration from the popular orange creamsicle which perfectly embodies the ‘taste of summer’. Furthermore, these orange-flavored white chocolate candies are covered in white and orange-colored shells, reminiscent of orange creamsicles.


There’s no need to wait for the month of June to get a taste of summer. You can head now to the nearest Dollar General store to grab a bag or two. Hurry up before these limited-edition goodies disappear from the shelves again.