This Man Asked Random People To Doodle On His Van And The Results Are Awesome


What do you do when you get bored of your plain old white van? Get people to draw on it with Sharpies, of course! Okay, so that's not the solution that most people would come up with, but sometimes you've got to think outside the box to get results. This trusting van-owner put a sign outside his house inviting anyone to come and help decorate his van using Sharpie pens. It was a bit of a gamble, as the results could have gone either way, but let's see what happened.


Here's the van before decorating. Pretty standard. Maybe a little bit boring. So, what's the solution? 


Put a sign on your lawn and ask people to come and draw on it with Sharpies. Obviously.


A surprising amount of folks came and got stuck in.


Luckily, these people clearly weren't strangers to pen and ink. And they were kind enough not to scrawl obscenities across the van!



Some people worked on their designs for hours.


And the results were cooler than you could have imagined. 


The newly decorated van looks like it was worked on by talented artists and will certainly turn some heads wherever it goes.



Would you be brave enough to invite strangers to decorate your vehicle?