Misleading Pictures That Will Make You Look Twice

Our eyes can deceive us and sometimes we look at something only to realize that they are not always what they seem. Maybe it’s because of the work of our imagination or maybe we’re just simply not paying enough attention. Either way, these things often make things much more interesting! Here we have some misleading pictures that will make you look twice!

When you wake up in the morning a find a giant squirrel.

Underwater waterfall illusion…

And when it looks like there’s food wrap but it’s just ice…

When you think this is a sea lion but it’s just sweet potato…

 When these two houses look like they’re watching each other…

No, it’s not a real pirate ship, it’s a perfectly aligned kite!

Giant-looking dog…

This may look like a road, but it’s actually a river covered with leaves.

Is this a cat or a panda?

It may look like UFO hovering over the trees but it’s actually just a door of a car.

Another one of those creepy optical illusion tattoos… awesome!

Also this is not a dragon egg, it’s an avocado.

And this dog wasn’t mounted to the wall. He’s fine.

These two are actual cats and not a bag design.

And no, this is not Batman.

So is that Chewy in the flesh?

Nope, not Pegasus either.

Spot the dog.

Seems like you just ordered the glass of freedom.

This table stain actually looks like a dog taking in a smell…

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