16 Images Showing A Couple’s Holiday Instagram Photos Being Imitated And The Results Will Leave You Shocked

Some people believe that imitation is the highest form of flattery, however, we’re going to guess that couple Jack Morris and Lauren Bullen probably don’t feel that way. The Instagram famous duo are travel photographers that share their idyllic holiday and traveling photos with their 2 million + followers but recently they noticed something rather odd. There is a copycat couple that seem to be following them around the world, not only using near identical scenery and locations but also outfits, captions and poses! Take a look and see if you think this is trolling, jealousy or admiration!
Website: JackMorris/LaurenBullen

At least use different captions!

This copycat couple is seriously dedicated. 

To match the clothes is actually quite impressive…

What an incredible view. 

Creepy or cute?

It’s crazy how similar the images actually are…

Oops… the guy is missing in this one!

This looks incredible.

Do you think the copycat images could be photo trickery?

To visit all of these places must be super expensive…

Near enough the exact same spot!

This one really takes the cake…

It seems the male is lacking here but at least the pizza was still included…

Jokes aside, both of these couples are lucky to go to such beautiful places…

We’re feeling jealous over both couples at the moment!

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