Georgina Bradley Flies 6,000 Miles to Rescue the Stray Dog Who Saved Her From Being Attacked


Georgia Bradley, a university student from Cornwall was enjoying a vacation in Crete when things turned sour. Alone on a beach, she was approached by two men who asked her to accompany them for a drink. When she refused, things got ugly and from out of nowhere a stray dog appeared and scared the men away.


When Georgina returned home, she couldn't get the courageous little dog out of her mind and returned to find her as soon as she could. Amazingly she spotted the dog wandering along the beach and set the ball rolling to take her back home to the UK! It cost thousands of dollars in expenses and plane fares to get Pepper back to Britain but we're sure Georgia did the right thing. Barely a week after Pepper came home with Georgia she gave birth to six beautiful puppies and the once-homeless dog has settled in amazingly well! A must see.







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