This Beaten Up Old Car Undergoes An Astounding Transformation

You’ve probably seen all kinds of modifications that people have done to their cars, but we’re pretty certain that you’ve never seen anything like this before! It all starts in small-town Lithuania, where this man buys a beaten-up old Mercedes-Benz.

Now the hard work begins! What’s that? Expanding foam?!

After applying the foam, he carefully sculpts it, to get the right contours. 

Wow. It looks incredibly different already. Perhaps not road-worthy, though!

Now some work on the finer details.


Next in line are the headlights.

And some very precise measurements so that the car curves in all the correct places.

The car looks like it means business!

The exterior is almost done, so now it’s time to spruce up the interior.

The expanding foam comes out again.

Gorgeous, right?!

And after a good spraying, the exterior looks outstanding, so it’s time for the big reveal!

Seems as though the entire town has come out to get a look at this car’s amazing makeover!

Who would have though that this insane sports car was once so old and battered that it looked like it was time for it to go to the big car lot in the sky? The transformation is truly awesome!

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