Colorful Puzzle With No Pictures Will Send You Loopy


You'd think that in 2014, there'd be little room for innovation in jigsaw puzzle creations. You'd be wrong. Designer Clemens Habicht has pushed the boundaries of, and, quite literally, added color to the whole jigsaw-making jaunt with his new '1000 COLOURS'  puzzle. The jigsaw is based on what is known as the CMYK color gamut, a method by which printers often achieve their colors, and the puzzle features no pictures or shapes, merely a range of no fewer than 1000 different colors. It looks like it would be difficult to complete, yet Habicht reckons it's actually easier than a regular jigsaw. He says on his website:

'Unlike ordinary puzzles where you are in effect re-drawing a specific picture from a reference, you have a sense of where every piece belongs compared to every other piece. There is a real logic in the doing that is weirdly soothing, therapeutic, it must be the German coming out in me. As each piece clicks perfectly into place, just so, it's a little win, like a little pat on the back.' 



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