Photos Of Men Waiting For Their Partners In Stores

It’s an old stereotype that if you take a male partner shopping, they’ll be found sitting in the corner somewhere while you spend hours trying to find the perfect outfit. Although we’re sure there are plenty of exceptions to this, there’s definitely some truth to this, and we have the evidence right here! If you ever wanted to see the embodiment of boredom and despair, we’ve got more than one example for you today. These guys look like they can’t even remember if they’ve been waiting hours or weeks. Here are twelve photos of men waiting for their partners in stores. Take a look!

Photos Of Men Waiting For Their Partners In Stores

This guy couldn’t even find a chair to nap on.


But napping, wherever you can, is definitely a key factor in waiting for your partner to finish shopping.


Of course, you could always try to level up on Candy Crush, instead.


Or go low tech and just pick the lint off your pants.


Two different methods in one picture: one man has gone all stony-faced and is pretended this isn’t happening to him, and the other has resigned himself to sitting on the floor with a pile of cushions.


We’ve got another napper!


This guy looks as if he’s lost all hope.


At least this man had the foresight to keep hydrated.


Oh, look; at husband corral!


Here’s a man hiding his face in shame at having to hang out so close to the lingerie department.


One use of a male partner on a shopping trip is human clothes rail.


“You’d better get used to it, son”

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