Self-Taught Makeup Artist “RJ” Creates Incredible Optical Illusions On Her Face

Makeup was solely meant to beautify the face and body. But not until modern makeup artists found a creative way to use cosmetics to create stunning artworks. And what could be more mind-blowing than impressive optical illusions? Self-taught makeup artist RJ Tulloch is one of the fastest-rising makeup artists on social media due to her amazing makeup that will certainly make you look twice.

Romanie-Jade, or simply RJ, shows off her remarkable skills using her own face as her canvas. This Nottinghamshire-based makeup artist only started perfecting her makeup illusions in 2018. RJ didn’t study makeup but she studied fine art at Nottingham College for two years. Her love for art and makeup inspired her to merge her passions into one. Instead of paintbrush and paint, she uses makeup brushes, eyeshadow palettes, eyeliners and face paint.


This makeup artist from UK creates jaw-dropping optical illusions on her face

The process for her makeup art varies depending on the theme she settles on. She uses all of the normal makeup tools in a different way to achieve illusions that are guaranteed to trick the eyes. RJ reveals that everything she does is a bit random and most of her themes come as a random thought popping into her head. To ensure that her jaw-dropping makeup art isn’t digitally-enhanced in any way, she often uploads videos showing exactly how she paints her face.

Since 2018, she has been impressing her followers on Instagram with her mind-bending makeup illusions. She has gained more than 470k followers and has already released her own brush set.  We’ve picked out some of her best works (so far) from her page and compiled them on the list below. And don’t forget to follow her on Instagram to keep updated with her latest creations.


So, let’s take a look at some of the most amazing illusions!


This is a fun and unique design because the snakes look so cool and it would be a great idea for Halloween


while this one is so artistic and intricate!


“Glass half empty, or glass half full?”


This one is awesome because it looks like a melting doll face


And, this one is amazing because it is so unique and it is perfect for those who love makeup!


“Crocodile tears”


With makeup like this you could be very creative and you could create your own doodle page


and this one is amazing because her makeup looks sprayed on.


Something like this is great for everyone who gets that blue verified tick


but this time it looks like blending the makeup has gone too far!


This is another melting one but this time she looks like a candle!


Here is another one for those who like the creepier makeup and this is another great one for events like Halloween.


Check out her video tutorial below on how to create Puzzle Makeup Art

Source: Instagram