This Litter Of 5 Maine Coon Kittens Were Born With Adorable But Grumpy Faces

We bet we’re not the only ones with newsfeeds that are often full of adorable animal pictures. Thanks to social media, pet owners can now brag about their fur babies more than ever. Recently, another Instagram post has yet again gone viral for featuring photos of Maine Coon kittens. What makes them cute? Well, all of them seem to sport a grumpy face.

Catsvill County is a Russia-based cattery of Maine Coon cats. In an Instagram post, the cattery shared photos of a litter of five grey kittens. People were quick to notice something unusual about them.


Gray Maine Coon Kittens 5


A Russia-based cattery has gone viral for its Instagram post that featured five grey kittens

Gray Maine Coon Kittens 1


All of them seem to have a grumpy face

Gray Maine Coon Kittens 4

As it turns out, they all look a bit like old men who had just gone through a really bad day. Indeed, it’s hard for anyone not to notice these kittens’ oddly adorable facial expressions.


It’s almost impossible to tell these Maine Coon kittens apart

Gray Maine Coon Kittens 2



Maine Coons are undoubtedly among the most popular cat breed choices among pet owners. For one, it’s the biggest breed of domesticated cats. Plus, who wouldn’t love to have a big, fluffy cat at home? In fact, cats of this breed can grow by up to 40 inches in length. In addition, they can also come in 75 different fur color combinations.


Gray Maine Coon Kittens 3


Just a year ago, the same cattery went viral because of their 2-month-old kitten Valkyrie for his “human” face

Gray Maine Coon Kitten Named Valkyrie


No one really knows this breed’s exact origins, so all we have are theories. One theory suggests that it’s a hybrid breed between a raccoon and a cat. Another suggests that it’s between a bobcat and a cat. There’s also another theory that links it with Marie Antoinette and her angora cats.

But perhaps the most probable would be that these furry felines are descendants of the Norwegian Forest Cats. Back in the days, ship captains would take their cats along with them in their voyages for mouse control. Nevertheless, up to this day, there’s still no concrete proof about this breed’s true roots.

So, all that’s left for us to do is to simply admire these long-haired cats’ distinct features… and perhaps humanlike expressions.


However, people have varying opinions regarding cats of this breed

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Source: Catsvill County Website | Instagram