Talented Artist Lisa Ericson Creates Beautiful Paintings Of Animals Migrating With Tiny Ecosystems On Their Backs

An image is worth a thousand words. This is certainly true for artists who have been using art as a medium to express their feelings and opinions. And when artists embed their emotions into their artworks, the viewers can almost feel these feelings. Just take a look at these realistic paintings of animals carrying other animals and plants on their backs. Aside from their ultra-naturalistic rendition, these paintings also emit so much intensity and spirit.

Portland-based artist Lisa Ericson creates the Border Crossing series, a collection of nature-inspired realistic paintings. All the pieces included in the series feature migrating animals with smaller animals and plants riding on their backs. At first gaze, you’ll immediately feel the Noah’s Ark vibe where all sorts of animals rode on a ship in order to save themselves from peril. Although the concept is pretty close, the Border Crossing rather takes after the current issues of refugee crisis. Ericson explains that her paintings depict human migration. In one of her paintings Into the Dark, a white pelican carries on its back a mother lemur along with her two babies clinging to her.

lisa ericson hyperrealistic paintings the crossing
The Crossing
lisa ericson hyperrealistic paintings into the dark
Into the Dark


lisa ericson into the dark lemur detail

“I made Into the Dark in response to the horror of the policy of separating children from their parents at the U.S. border,” she explains.

The talented artist cleverly uses black background to give the painting a more dramatic and striking effect. Furthermore, the darkness also represents the uncertain fate of the migrant animals towards an unknown land. Vivid colors and lifelike details are so sharply defined that it feels like you’re staring at a high-resolution photograph. The Border Crossing series isn’t just a collection of stunning artworks. But it also raises awareness of the concurrent issue of human migration.

lisa ericson border crossing uneasy truce
Uneasy Truce


lisa ericson hyperrealistic paintings flock


lisa ericson border crossing migration

Border Crossing series includes a jaw-dropping collection of hyperrealistic paintings that raises awareness on human migration issues

lisa ericson hyperrealistic paintings safe passage
Safe Passage


lisa ericson safe passage snake detail


lisa ericson border crossing drift


lisa ericson border crossing drift detail


lisa ericson hyperrealistic paintings oasis


lisa ericson hyperrealistic paintings after the flood
After the Flood


lisa ericson hyperrealistic paintings stowaway

Check out the artist’s Instagram page to see more of her realistic paintings. If you want to buy her artworks, you can visit her website and choose from a wide range of available paintings.

Source: Lisa Ericson | Instagram