If You Light A Match And Burn A Bay Leaf, Here’s The Surprising Effect It Has

Many of you reading this will have eaten bay leaves in a food dish. They add a unique flavor and aroma. But, there are a range of other uses and benefits that the leaves can offer that you may not have known! One thing it is important to note is that many plants have leaves that are referred to as bay leaves, but the true bay leaf which is high in nutrients that we will be discussing today is called ‘Lauris Nobilis’. Take a look below to see the varying different ways that people have used bay leaves, dating all the way back to ancient times! This information could change your life!

Just in case you’re not actually familiar with what a bay leaf looks like, here is a pile of them!

bay leaf pile

If you’re someone who suffers from gastric ulcers and digestion issues, you may want to start including these leaves in your diet. Not only this, but those who have ache filled muscles or more serious conditions such as arthritis could also reap huge benefits! But wait, there’s more! If you suffer from dandruff and want to improve the health of your hair, steeping bay leaves in water and then rubbing it in to your scalp could help!

bay leaves

You wouldn’t think that these little leaves used on a daily basis would hold such high esteem but they were so highly recognized in ancient Greece that to be given a golden crown of bay leaves was the highest honor in Greek culture. This explains why you have seen people of high stature wearing them in old Greek movies! 

golden crown of bay leaves

It’s not just ingesting the leaves that can give you rewards. It is thought that by lighting a bay leaf on fire for a couple of minutes and then breathing in the aroma, the oils in the leaf have been known to reduce stress. We’re definitely going to try this! Such a small amount of effort could lead to finally being able to clear your head in a quick, easy and inexpensive way!

bay leaf oils

Moving away from the health benefits, there are a few other things that people believe about bay leaves. Firstly, some people think that if you write a wish on a bay leaf and then burn it, whatever you wish for will come true. We feel that this would be pretty easy to prove as true or false! Another thing that some people believe is that the leaves can help predict the future.

burning bay leaf

Well, we don’t know about you but we were really surprised to learn all of the varying uses and benefits that bay leaves can bring into your life! We are definitely going to purchase some of these leaves and put them to the test. So, what do you think? A load of hype about nothing or something that more people need to know about? Let us know your own bay leaf experiences in the comments below!