People Reveal Why They Like Dating Someone Who Is Clingy

Being ‘clingy’ is generally a term that is used in a negative manner. To many people, this personality type is seen as irritating, annoying and overbearing. However, there are a huge amount of people who disagree with this for many reasons! Here we have a selection of images where people reveal why they like dating someone who is clingy. Take a look and see which images you can agree with and which ones you think are strange!
Website: Whisper

Not having to worry sounds nice! 

What one person finds annoying, another loves! 

Some people just can’t get enough affection! 

This seems a little unfair as no one can be 100% available to another person!

Little gestures can mean a lot. 

These people sound like two peas in a pod! 

Never getting tired of someone’s company is the best thing ever. 

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This person summed things up pretty well. 

This is a positive way of looking at it next time it feels like someone is pestering you. 

To some, the clingier a person is, the more they care. 

Insecurities can feel awful. We can see why a clingy relationship would work here!

Knowing you’re always on someone’s mind sounds pretty nice. 

For some people, yes, for others… no! 

The heart wants what it wants!