14 Creative Ways To Re-use Kitchen Waste You’ve Probably Not Thought Of – Part 1

We’ve all heard of recycling and know how it helps to save the planet. By now, if you’ve searched the internet, you’ve probably read up on quite a few kitchen hacks. Nevertheless, the following tricks of the trade are bound to surprise and amaze you, as far as making use of kitchen waste is concerned. No more throwing away peels, stems and wrappings. Reduce your kitchen waste and get creative with these 14 handy tips.

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Almond Pulp


The left-over pulp from almond milk can be made into almond flour which is great for gluten-free baking. Simply spread out in a thin layer and allow to dry. 

Egg Shells


There are several great uses for eggs shells, so don’t throw them in the bin. You can add fine egg shell powder to your coffee filter to make cheap coffee less bitter; boost your garden soil’s calcium level by adding crumbled egg shells; add them to the bottom of potted plants that need extra drainage; or grind and add to pet food as an additional calcium supplement. 


Kale Stems


Kale stems can be pickled, added to smoothies for extra fiber or dried and ground up then combined with salt for a great DIY seasoning. 


Wine Corks


Old wine corks can be used to make a creative tiny garden.
Or, you can glue a whole bunch together to make a corkboard or shower mat. 

Apple Peels


There are three very different and useful ways to reuse apple peels. You can place fresh ones over your eyes for quick rejuvenation and to reduce dark circles; you can dry them and use them to make a delicious tea; or use them to remove stains from aluminum pots and pans.  

Green Onions


Never buy green onions again. Simply grow in water for a never-ending supply!

Meat Bones


Steep in a pot overnight for a yummy stock.

Butter Wrappers


You know that little bit of butter that’s always left clinging to the wrapper? It’s perfect for greasing baking tins and pans. Simply keep in the fridge until needed.


Banana Peels


Rather than throwing them away, use banana peels for any of the following: wrap them around tomato plant stalks as a fertilizer; rub them on your skin to relieve the itch of psoriasis, insect bites or rashes; sprinkle chopped peels around the garden to deter pests; add them to a roasting pan to keep boneless meats from drying out; or rub the pithy side on shoes or silverware as a natural way to polish.

Watermelon Rinds


Did you know that rubbing watermelon rinds on your skin can help reduce acne? Also, you can make yummy preserves and pickles out of them. 

Mesh Fruit Sacks


Fruit mesh bags can be turned into excellent DIY pot scrubbers. 


Broccoli Stalks & Leaves


Don’t throw away broccoli stalks and leaves! Did you know you can eat them? They make for a nutrient-rich raw snack, or you can chop them and cook them up. 

Onion & Garlic Skins


You can use these to make a homemade soup stock. The skins hold more nutrients than any other part.


Paper Towel Rolls


Use empty paper towel rolls to organize cords.

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15 Creative Ways To Re-use Kitchen Waste You’ve Probably Not Thought Of – Part 2