New Yorker Elora Hardy Moved To Bali To Build Sustainable Bamboo Homes


Elora Hardy used to work in the fashion industry in New York City, but six years ago something happened to change all that. She went to visit her father and step-mother in Bali, where they were constructing a school, and saw they had made every building on campus out of bamboo. Once she learned more about the benefits of bamboo as a building material, she knew she had to move and help build sustainable homes. Bamboo has the strength-to-weight ratio of steel and the compressive force of concrete, and can last a lifetime if treated correctly, but it's also one of the most fast-growing plants in the world. This means it's not in danger of running out and is incredibly sustainable. Armed with this knowledge, Hardy went to Bali where she set up her bamboo architecture firm, Ibuku. Not only are her buildings eco-friendly, they're also absolutely stunning. Let's take a look!

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These homes are breathtakingly beautiful! If we needed another excuse to run away to a tropical paradise, I think we just found it!

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