20 Awesome Kitchen Gadgets You Wish You Had – Part 2


With loads more cool and handy pieces of kit to aid you in a huge variety of kitchen tasks, these 20 gadgets make your life so much easier! If you hate getting garlic or onion smells on your fingers when peeling and chopping then you’re in luck! Also, take a look at the awesome wide bag caps which turn any regular bag into a fresh storage container! Most of these gadgets can be bought right here on Awesome Inventions!

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This cool looking garlic crusher is easy to use and collects the garlic like a bowl so it can be used in any recipe with ease. No more messing around with a regular garlic crusher. Find it here.


This ingenious device both tenderizes meat as well as injecting a marinade of your choice. How did you ever live without it?! Find it here.


This compact food prep set can be stored even in the smallest of kitchens and comprises of mixing bowls, measuring cups, a sieve, and a colander which all fit neatly inside each other. Find them here.


Rinsing your fruit and veggies has never been so easy with this integrated rinse bowl and strainer. Find it here.


Not got enough hands to get the job done? With this cool fold-down bag holder you will have all the help you need! Find it here.


Keep prepared food fresh and cold with a party bowl on ice. Brilliant for picnics and BBQs! Find it here.


This onion holder stops your hands from smelling when prepping dinner as well as guiding you to cut the bulb evenly. Find it here.


Never make a mess with your spoon again with this pot clip! It allows you to balance the utensil over the pot rather than putting it to one side and making a mess of your work tops. Find it here.


This 2-in-1 silicone whisk can be used for regular whisking, and with a twist, for scraping ingredients out of the bowl. Find it here.

Remove corn kernels effortlessly and safely with this corn zipper. Find it here.


Need to core an apple fast? Then you need this apple corer! Find it here.


The garlic peel sticks to the inside of the tube as you roll it leaving you with perfectly peeled cloves. Find it here.


This pancake pen makes easy and clean work of making perfect pancakes. With its heat resistant tip and detachable top and bottom, you’ll wonder how you lived without it! Find it here.


Keep your veggies together in one place on the grill with this grill clip. Find them here.


Make your own healthy ice pops with these Zipzicles! Fill them with juice, yogurt or whatever you like! Find them here.


Dice and slice in one simple move with this Dice and Slice Chopper which makes food preparation simple. Find it here.


This double dish is great for eating nuts, cherries, and more! Simply discard the unwanted parts such as skin, casings, and stones into the lower part of the bowl! Find it here.


Turn virtually any bag into a reusable one while keeping its contents fresh and yummy too! Find them here.


Keep knives organized and little hands safe with this in-drawer knife organizer. Find it here.


If you liked part 2 then don’t forget to check out part 1 below!
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