How Sleepless Nights Inspired This Mom’s Magical Photos of Her Kids

Iwona Podlasinska is an architect and full-time mom of two- Adam and Jas. She takes magical photos of her kids that portray a child’s dreamland. She got her inspiration during her many sleepless when she would admire the moon’s glow on her little one’s faces. Child photography with a fairytale theme is something she likes, taking inspiration from animated movies such as “La Luna” and “Polar Express.”

She started from scratch, spending all her savings to buy an inexpensive camera and used her parents’ analog lenses. With time and hard work, she was able to upgrade her equipment and improve on her skills.

Furthermore, her aim in taking such magical photos is to portray the perfect balance between dreams and reality, taking her viewers into a world of wonder.

Check out how sleepless nights inspired this mom’s magical photos of her kids and prepare to be dazzled.


Adam and the Christmas decorations.

Theo and Marlene (Stadthagen, Germany)

Adam happily looking at sweets in a bakery.

 “Secret path to the land of dreams.”

About to go to bed.

Adam playing with his trains.

Adam and Jas on the night of All Souls’ Day. A very magical photo.

Mom shares fairytale images of her children


Adam by the window.

Little girls waiting for Santa Claus.

Adam waiting for the train to arrive.

Adam with their cat on a Christmas evening.

A little girl photographed in Zhengzhou, China.

Jas with the pigeons at Kraków Market Square.

Adam standing by the window looking at the blizzard.

Emil and his luggage in Stadthagen, Germany. Very fairytale-like.

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