Hilarious Images Showing A Photoshop Genius Taking People’s Requests Literally

We’ve all had that annoying situation where we really like a photo but something ruins it. This could be a person in the background, a funny facial expression, or maybe an awkward pose, whatever it is, it’s certainly frustrating! That’s why it’s great that with tools like Photoshop you can make changes to your photos.

However, some people aren’t too good at doing this themselves so will ask someone else to do it for them. One such person who offers his services is James Fridman, however, be careful what you ask for because he takes requests very literally.

Funny Photoshop Requests


How kind of you, James!

Check out those shoes!


That lady can actually pull those glasses off!

Now who’s the odd one out? Ha!

Aww, group hug!

Your wish is James’ command…

This is why you shouldn’t lie!

Well, he certainly looks to be enjoying the view!

A dream come true!

Witt on point!

Battle of the selfie sticks…

Who would you vote for?

We absolutely love James’ attitude and sense of humor. It’s actually quite funny how well known James is for going rogue yet people seem really serious with their requests. If you would like to have your own photo transformed, you can contact James via Twitter, but don’t submit anything you don’t want to be viewed by the rest of the world, and, word your request carefully because if it can be taken in another way, James is sure to act on it! Keep going to see more hilarious Photoshop edits!

Dangerous waters, indeed!

It’s as if he was never there!

This guy was lucky to get his request responded to in the rude manner he asked!

How strange the Teletubbies look in the real world!

A sad but often true point…

What an odd request…

Zac is a definitely a handsome guy!

This is a scary sight!

Don’t compete with your friends for love interests!


Much better!

Spot the differences!

Highlight on fleek…

Jim looks like he’s doing a great job!

Source: JamesFridman