Hilarious Snapchats Involving Dogs Proving How Great They Are

For those that don’t know, ‘Snapchat’ enables it users to send pictures and videos that disappear after they have been viewed. However, there is also a ‘story’ section where you can post random snaps for your friends to see for 24 hours. But more often than not, sifting through people’s stories can be really boring. Unless, that is, any of your Snapchat friends have awesome and hilarious dogs in their lives! These are the kinds of Snapchats you just can’t get enough of. Take a look below and see what we mean!

Hilarious Snapchats Involving Dogs

‘Hi there, need some help?’

Vacuum cleaners do make awful noises!

This is brilliant!

Surely that can’t be comfortable!

This look of astonishment is just the best.

Well, after a certain point many of us don’t want to get any older!

We bet this feels wonderful for that dog!

Make your next move, cats!

Probably the best guilty look we’ve ever seen.

We would obey this dog!

How funny is this?!


This would definitely give us a fright in the morning!

Always follow the instructions!

We’re so glad that people managed to save these snaps as most of them are absolute comedy gold! We’re willing to bet that if you aren’t a dog owner, this post has made you wish that you were! The intelligent and loving species has so much to offer us humans. We think owning a dog really must be good for the mind and soul. If you aren’t a Snapchat user yet, we hope these images have shown what you could be missing out on. Keep going to see more hilarious snaps! 

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Aw, we’re glad this little cutie came home unharmed.

Dogs have so much respect for other creatures!

You can tell this dog has been well trained!

Beware! A new species has been discovered…

We think these guys are onto a number one…

There are no words for how adorable this is…

So much love and concern in one photo!

Aw! We hope the babies arrived safely and were all healthy.


That’s one way to do it!

Approach it slowly!

We’d be willing to put a bet on this one!

This actually made us laugh out loud!

Saved, just in time!

Can you imagine Tinder for dogs?