Suraj Sirohi Turns Animals Into Superheroes And The Results Are Awesome


Most of us regular humans have at least thought about what kind of super powers we would want if we could have any, and some people think about it a lot more than others. After all, who wouldn't want to be 'Flash', 'Batman', or 'Captain America', at least for a day! But what about our friends in the animal kingdom? Surely, they would like to have super powers, too! This is the premise that, graphic artist, Suraj Sirohi used for his latest series of work. Take a look below and see all manner of animals dressed up as the most well-known superheroes in the world! If this catches on, we could soon have animals showing up at conventions and events in full costume! Whatever next?!
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Flash + Ostrich


Batman + Doberman


Wolverine + Sloth



Deadpool + Chimp


Tortoise + Captain America


Cyclops + Owl


Llama + Thor


Sloth + Wolverine

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