Hilarious Tweets About People’s Worst Dates That Will Make You Laugh

People go on a date as a way to determine the suitability of a prospective partner in life. Everyone has their own stories to tell about their most memorable dates. We’ve been hearing some great tales about how some people met their ‘right one’ through dating. But we seldom hear the bad date-stories that went hysterically wrong. After all, dating doesn’t always end up in your favor. While some people choose to keep the humiliation to themselves,  these people don’t mind sharing their dating nightmare. We’ve rounded up the funniest tweets from people who have experienced the worst dates of their lives.



Squishing an icky insect is no big deal, right?

Is he looking for a girlfriend or a pet dog?

A twist of fate and a story of serendipitous love.

Because anime comes first before a date.

Some words can really stab the heart like a knife.

Never ever involve your little brother into any of your date.

Poor parking skills can ruin a date.

Sometimes a date can go so bad that you want to run away as quick as possible. These people share the worst dates they ever had and we can’t help but laugh.


The case of the runaway date and the unfortunate guy who was left behind.

It’s a small world after all.

When destiny plays a trick on you.

You know that a girl has a loaded schedule when this happens to you.

An unexpected chaperone suddenly comes out of nowhere.

Tinder has indeed made dating more complicated than ever.

The most awkward moments are the most memorable moments.

Good decision. Run away as fast as you could.