28 People Show Why It’s Important To Always Wear A Helmet

From a young age the importance of safety is hammered into us by the adults in our lives. One of the most important things we are taught is to always wear a helmet when doing an activity that involves risk. For must of us, this begins with a bicycle helmet. Unfortunately, as people age, they tend to feel somewhat invincible, like nothing bad will ever happen to them. Or, some people are just too lazy.

Here we have a shocking selection of images proving that a helmet really can be the difference between life and death in many situations.





It really baffles us that with all of the tragic accidents that you see on the news that some people still don’t see how important wearing a helmet is. No one ever seems to think something bad will happen to them, but sometimes we need reminding that the statistics that you hear are based on real people making up those numbers.


 It’s always worth reminding those around you to be safe. Unfortunately, you can be the most careful person around but you can’t control the actions of others around you. 





As harrowing as these images are, they are extremely powerful. Many of these people owe their life to the fact they took the precautions to protect themselves. If you are someone who has a high risk profession or partakes in a sport or hobby that could involve injury, we hope that these images hit home.


 It’s always better to be safe than sorry, right? Thankfully the people who are responsible for these images escaped with their lives but others are not always so lucky. 





We think it’s hugely important to spread awareness on topics like this as it’s easy to block things out of your mind if they aren’t right in front of your eyes. Feel free to share your own images and stories with others in the comments section below.


 Your input could save a life! Another thing we want to reiterate is making sure you have a good quality helmet. Some people do wear one but don’t realize that it’s not of a good standard. Spending a little more now could reward you with something later that you can’t put a price on… your life.