What Disney Princesses Might Look Like If Their Ages Were Realistic

When you think about it, Disney princesses are depicted as really rather sophisticated for their alleged ages. Not only is their hair perfectly styled, in a very adult-like manner, but their faces are perfectly made up, and not in the sparkly teenaged way you might expect. Photographer, artist and Buzzfeed contributor Loryn Brantz was thinking about this and she decided to give Disney princesses a makeover, or ‘makeunder’ more like. Check out the results here.

Website: buzzfeed

Snow White. Age: 14

Snow White with teenage acne, braces and out of control eyebrows.

Jasmine. Age: 15

Jasmine as a real and baby-cheeked rebellious teen.

Pocahontas. Age: 18

Pocahontas whispering that she’s only 18 into John Smith’s ear!

Ariel. Age: 16

Ariel as a more realistic-looking 16 year old dealing with a crush.

Mulan. Age: 16

Mulan as a 16 year old experimenting with make up and hair.

Belle. Age: 17

Belle aged 17 still baby-cheeked not knowing how to control her hair yet.

And one that Disney did get right? In that Aurora aged 16, looks in this shot to be appropriately shocked to be approached by a strange man in the woods.

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