These Super Cool Business Cards Are Made Out Of Crayons


Toronto-based artist Dorota Pankowska has a penchant for making cool and quirky business cards, and these ones are no exception. One of her latest projects was to craft custom business cards out of crayons. And, in case you're wondering, yes, you can draw or write with them! If you want people to always remember you name, we think these babies will do the trick! They might not convey the right tone for, say, an investment banker, but if you want to come off fun and creative, these are just the ticket. Talking about how she pulled off this project, Dorota said…

"I started by getting the exact shape I wanted laser cut from acrylic, and then I created a rubber silicone mold from that. I’ve been working on this project for over a month and I really can’t wait to hand some out!"

Website: Dori The Giant


Dorota Pankowska


Dorota Pankowska



Dorota Pankowska


Dorota Pankowska


We think these are incredible, and we'd definitely love to get some made! Would you want crayon business cards? Or are they a bit too frivolous for your tastes? 

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