17 Food Hacks That Will Make Life Easier In The Kitchen

It’s very easy to run out of ideas when you’re trying to be creative in the kitchen. Well there’s no need to get your thinking cap on as we have done the research for you! Check out our collection of awesome food hacks that will have you wondering where they have been all your life! Some of them have been designed to make things a lot quicker and easier for you, where as others you will see are fantastic recipe ideas that you’ll want to pass onto your friends and family.

Forget about buying taco molds and simply place your tortillas over your oven rack.

Cook eggs inside bell peppers or onions rings for a deliciously healthy and fun meal. Perfect for any time of day!

A guide to the perfect brewing time for different teas.

You have got to try this. YUM!

Your bananas can last up to 5 days longer by simply placing some plastic wrap around the tops.

If your cakes keep drying out then simply place a piece of bread on top of them overnight.

Do you struggle with chopsticks? Well not anymore!

Use a melon baller to carve out apple balls. Add sticks, coat them in toffee and leave to set. A quick and easy way to make tasty apple snacks!

Crispy bacon and pancakes are a match made in heaven!

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