11 Everyday Items You’ve Been Using Wrong All This Time

We’re so used to going about our lives and using those items that we encounter on a day to day basis that sometimes we don’t stop to think about whether we’re doing it the right way, or at least the most efficient. Here are 11 everyday items that you’ve most probably been using wrong. Okay, some of them don’t officially have a right or wrong way to be used, but when you consider it, these ways just make so much more sense. So, if you want to make your life just a little bit easier, read on!

Push pieces of Toblerone towards the bar, not away from it. This makes it much easier to break.

Did you know Chinese takeout containers fold out to become a paper plate? 

Your can of soda has a built-in straw holder. Who knew?!

Those holes in your pot handles… they’re spoon holders! (Okay, they’re really for hanging, but this works, too.)

Stop natural peanut butter from separating. 

Your soft drink lid doubles as a coaster.

Juice box wings can be used as handles for tiny fingers.

Greek yogurt containers can be folded to pour the honey right in!

Push in the tab on the side of a foil box to keep the roll from slipping out.

Tie your floss in a circle, and there’ll be no more cutting off the circulation in your fingers as you go about your dental hygiene routi

Tie cords in a pretzel knot when attaching to an extension lead to stop them getting pulled apart.