People Who Had A Truly Awful Day At Work

We all have those days where it feels like the world is against us. You find yourself questioning what you have done to deserve such a terrible fate! For many of us, an awful day at work means a computer crashing, an annoying colleague or maybe terrible weather. But, for some people, when they say they’ve had an terrible day at work, they truly mean it! Take a look below to see some painful examples! 

We can’t figure out how this happened. The mess is everywhere!

This car looks like it has been to hell and back! 

Who do you call in a situation like this? 

What a sad waste of chickens that could have fed so many… 

This is what the face of pure defeat looks like… 

Think of all the scrambled, boiled, poached and baked eggs that could have been… 

When your mate asks you to pump up their tire and you agree before looking at it… 

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Pull the plastic off and re-stick it in the right place! Problem solved. 

Hopefully the recipients of this cake found this blunder as funny as we do! 

A moment of silence for the poor soul(s) that had to tidy and organize all of these shoes. 

You don’t want to get on the wrong side of an MRI machine! 

We wonder if this image has anything to do with the photo above of the guy covered in paint?!

It could have been worse. That vacuum cleaner looks pretty salvageable!

We hope that no one was hurt!