You Can Now Get Giant Bottles Of Kirkland Egg Nog To Get Yourself In The Holiday Spirit

Winter is coming. And we’ve all begun flitting about to get ready for it. By now, the fake spiderwebs have probably been replaced by strings of Christmas lights. Naturally, as the season of pumpkin spice latte nears its end, we are once again on the lookout for this winter’s best spirits and brews. And it seems that Costco is sparing no time in getting a head start in the holiday drink game because they’ve already stocked their stores with Kirkland Egg Nog.


Costco’s egg nog is back with a clever twist

This season-exclusive liquor is a time tested crowd favorite. It’s been around for years, but this time, the classic holiday beverage returned with a surprising addition to its label. The Instagram blog dedicated to documenting the retailer’s new offerings, @costcobuys, spread the word of the boozy beverage’s return. And as expected, the account’s followers responded with excitement and wonder. However, eagle-eyed members of the audience also expressed their skepticism towards its “wine cocktail” labeling.


The Egg Nog Wine Cocktail tastes like Christmas in a bottle


Alcoholic egg nog is made by mixing together eggs, cream, and alcohol, like rum or brandy. The incorporation of wine to the mix is unheard of. Which is why Kirkland’s egg nog wine cocktail has raised a few eyebrows. However, the ingredients list doesn’t include wine. Several people have shed some light regarding the matter and explained that “it has something to do with state liquor laws”.

Though unconventionally marketed as a wine cocktail, purists need not worry. This spiked holiday sip follows the traditional recipe our taste buds have come to know and love. Because it actually hasn’t strayed far from the key ingredients.

You’ll still taste real dairy cream mixed with whiskey, spiced rum, and brandy infused with French Vanilla. Each 1.75L bottle packs a 14.75% Alcohol Volume, which should be enough to make those awkward family encounters more bearable. Moreover, this huge Kirkland egg nog wine cocktail only retails for $9.99 in stores. This season-exclusive sip isn’t available for order online, so you might want to plan a trip to Costco ASAP.