Here’s Some Art You Can Really Sink Your Teeth Into


If your love of art is surpassed only by your love of pizza, then you're going to go wild for these cool creations. Domenico Crolla is the owner of Bella Napoli in Glasgow, which is said to serve the finest pizza in the UK. Although the quality of his pizzas are second to none, what might be more astounding is his amazing pizza art. For the most part, he uses just cheese and red sauce to create stunning portraits, brand logos, and more. If these aren't enough to convince you that Glasgow is a haven for pizza-lovers, we don't know what is!

Website: Domenico Crolla


A tribute to the late, great Robin Williams.


We know Madonna was kind of cheesy in the '80s, but this is taking it to another level.


Of course there had to be a pizza homage to the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.


And Raphael gets his own pie.


We think that Andy Warhol would have approved of pizza art.


If we know one thing about this Marilyn Monroe pizza it's that Some Like it Hot.


Don't get KO'd by this Mortal Kombat pizza.


Because who doesn't want Mark Zuckerberg's face on their pizza?



Someone's a Seahawks fan!


Red Bull: for when you need to stay up late and eat pizza all night.


Kim Kardashian gets so much media attention you can't even eat a pizza without seeing her face on it.


Daniel Craig likes his pizza sauce shaken, not stirred.


Hasta la vista, pizza!


Not only do these pizzas look incredibly delicious, Crolla is clearly a skilled artist, too!