Hidden Wall Safe (US) (UK)

Original price was: £2.00.Current price is: £1.00.

It looks like an electrical outlet but it is a great place to hide your valuables. Made of high impact plastic and metal. Once installed it pivots out to reveal the secret hiding place. No need to remember special combinations! Conceal your valuables in your home or office. Comes with cut-out saw and template for easy installation in just minutes.

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  1. Allie Sebree

    Ephraim Kelemu and another.

  2. Katie Murphy


  3. Katie Murphy


  4. Anna Conrad

    Very cool!

  5. Amber Ellison


  6. Leshaunda Knight


  7. Amy Clayton

    how do u get it into your wall.

    • John Hutchison

      Comes with cut-out saw and template for easy installation in just minutes, but I would probably use and existing outlet hole and tape off the electric ends.

  8. OneofakindMomma SweetestYankee


  9. Bahar Jaberian

    perfect!I want it!!!

  10. Bahar Jaberian

    perfect!I want it!!!

  11. Monica Nin

    how do you purchase something I do not see the option?

  12. Susheel Badhan

    lol now tht's a good idea!

  13. Austin Hamidi

    what would be much better is if you could actually plug things in to make it look like it's a real outlet. A randomly placed empty outlet is a possible target for professionals, I'm sure.

  14. Victoria Llewellyn


  15. Marrha Flormata

    HOW TO PURCHASE FROM philippines pls reply.

  16. James McConnon

    Am I the only person who thinks that the plug looks like 2 surprised people. Probably surprised you found the safe!

  17. Quandatosoft D Oglesby

    It's real looking.

  18. Shannonn Barker

    it would be really nice but the price:(

  19. Olubusayo Ladelokun

    U will never need a piggy bank.

  20. Matt Laestrygones

    What if I be confused and die?

  21. Dekotah Tayylor

    cut the holes out and plus something into it that you never use

  22. Dekotah Tayylor


  23. Dekotah Tayylor

    click more info

  24. Adam ‘SpaceMonkey’ Farrell

    Can you get this with UK plug sockets

  25. Francis Matthews

    hmmmm now that could be handy

  26. Adam ‘SpaceMonkey’ Farrell

    Will come in very handy

  27. James Grace

    My parents had one of them with a double frontage in the first house I ever lived in mate, so you're talking at least 13years back lol…

  28. Adam ‘SpaceMonkey’ Farrell

    I need to get one to stash my stuff in 😉

  29. Lene Swusten

    would be nice with european slots..

  30. Krista VanBarriger

    need me one of these.

  31. Tiara Rose

    What happens when someone actually tries to plug something into this thing?

  32. Alexandra Pastor

    Love it!

  33. Michelle Flores

    This is cool!

  34. Parker Chris

    like it, want it

  35. Luke Nankervis

    Don't just make US 110's..this is the WWW not USWW

  36. Christina Miskam

    I had one of these, and I plugged a small table lamp into it. Not a problem at all! I loved it. Even my kids would say:" Mommy, this light doesn't work!" It fooled everyone. I am going to buy another one now that I have moved! @ Austin Hamidi, If placed in a hall, or by a couch, who would question it? It's a plug in!!!

  37. Gabbie Parry

    Now this is awsum

  38. Arif Haque

    Great! Now robbers will rip out wall sockets after seeing this!

  39. Jen Avakian

    It's on Amazon for $8 and free shipping with Prime membership.

  40. Aneesa Heyward

    Lol robbers will be cutting out wall sockets because of this gadget..smh

  41. Christopher Contant

    god damn. your right. sh!t.

  42. Christopher Contant

    good idea plugging in a lamp. now if robbers see this and then try to rob your house. they probably won't rip that one out

  43. Terrance Leaningtowardsthefuture White

    If your wondering this would be the perfect birthday present for me

  44. Lilly Philbrick

    so sweet

  45. Samantha Manlich

    U can plug stuff into it!

  46. Lucian Dulbacă

    Christopher Contant What if they decide to try to lamp? 🙂

  47. Lucian Dulbacă

    What if I have 100.000 euros?
    Could you please calculate how many holes I need to dig in my walls?

  48. Lance Odom

    On ebay it is $6 and has free shipping

  49. Jay Boshell

    Click the More Info button, it takes you to amazon.conm where you buy it.

  50. Eunsyu Hahn

    11,931 holes
    like 99% of the walls in your house
    unless your rich
    then get a bank or a real safe or better security system…idiot

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