Jaina Bee Turned Her Home Into A Haven For Art Lovers


We all have those eccentric older family members…those great aunts or uncles with crazy houses filled with all sorts of weird and fascinating stuff. However you won't believe it when you see this grandma's awesome home! Bought in 1997 and still a work in progress by Jaina Bee and her artistic friends, hers must be the strangest and most magical house in San Francisco, if not the country! The cottage part of the home dates back to 1896 and the main house was built in 1914. Jaina Bee has held film festivals and many other events in the house for her many artistic friends. In fact her front room serves as a shared space for them to run through ideas and projects together. Check out the photos below and prepare to be amazed!

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Gaudi Submarine





Haunted Parlor


















Secret Raindrop





Opium Den