Funny Tweets Moms Everywhere Will Identify With

Being a mom takes a great deal of hard work and patience. Little children naturally take their mothers for granted, expecting them to fix everything that ever goes wrong. She is superhuman, right? Well, these Tweets show that mommy’s reality is often very different to what her family sees. They have to do so many tough jobs… cooking, cleaning, counseling, driving and so much more, with no pay and no time off! It’s no wonder these ladies seem to be having a bad day! Check out these hilarious Tweets and let us know your own funny kid anecdotes in the comments!

Doesn’t everyone eat brownies for breakfast?


Maybe bathtub licking will become an Olympic sport of the future!

A watched pot never boils.




So many moms will relate to this!

Dada! Dada!! DADA!!!

We all start out with the best intentions.

Perfect peace!

And, the problem is?

Deep…and a little worrying.

Donuts just aren’t for sharing!

We hope you’re thoroughly enjoying these Tweeted insights into the everyday life of moms. Let us know who, if any, of these ladies you identify with most. Perhaps you’ve spend many an hour locked in the bathroom just having a break, or your child has caused a commotion on a plane or on a journey on public transport. Kids can be so embarrassing! If only they came with an off switch! If you’re currently taking a break from your children, or even if you’re not, remember that laughter is the best medicine! So, sit back, get scrolling and enjoy the rest of the article!


Gotta say it like you mean it!

Starting young on his life of crime!

Real life parenting problems.


These kids are hilarious!

Poor Mama Bear.


Too much information.

Do as you’re told kids!


Need. A. Break.

Daddy will totally adore his card!

This mommy needs some time out!