People Who Are Secretly Planning To Leave Their Partners

Most people would like to be told if their partner was planning on leaving them. Being jilted out of the blue can leave lasting damage. Of course, if you’re the person doing the leaving, walking out with no explanation can seem like the much easier option. But, is that fair? Here we have a list of people who are secretly planning to leave their partners. There’s some pretty savage people included. Take a look and see for yourself…
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We’re struggling to feel sorry for the girlfriend!

We’re glad that this person is finding a way out of this toxic situation. 

Being affectionate with someone like this that you are planning on leaving is simply cruel. 

It’s really awful for the person who wants children when their partner changes their mind about wanting kids but at the end of the day no one should be forced to become a parent. 

Planning to abandon your partner and child… lovely. 

Why not leave her straight away? 

People have a right to know about these things… 

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Harsh. Let him go so he can move on! 

Sometimes we have to be selfish. 

Maybe some good communication would have helped here… 

Why can’t people just be honest with each other?

What a coward. It took two people to make the baby that you’re abandoning. If you aren’t ready, don’t get someone pregnant! 

No one wants years of their life to have been for nothing but better to start over than to stay in a miserable situation, for sure! 

We have to do tough things to better our lives sometimes.