This Amazing House in Australia Gives The Illusion That It Is Floating


Suspended 40 meters above gorgeous Fairhaven Beach, on Australia's famous Great Ocean Road, is a house that seemingly, at least from some angles, defies gravity. The holiday rental property is one of Australia's most photographed houses, and why? Because, from its entrance way, architectural tricks make this house appear as though it is simply floating on top of the brilliant blue ocean. From other angles, the true nature of the luxury property becomes apparent, as you see the large pole that holds the posh rental in place on the cliff's edge. Dubbed the Pole House, this little beauty of a rental property can be yours to stay in for between AU$440 and AU$1200 per night. The Pole House has recently been renovated and features brand new interiors with floor to ceiling retracted glass walls so visitors can make the most of the epic sea views. Check it out!


The house looks like it is floating in mid-air from this angle:


The Pole House looks out to Fairhaven Beach in Victoria, Australia. 


Wake up to the sounds of waves crashing on the shore.


Even the fireplace appears to be floating.


The home's interior has recently been renovated.


The sea views are second to none, especially from the bedroom.


The Pole House offers a romantic getaway location for two… 


Where you can watch the glorious sunsets…



and spend time amongst nature whilst enjoying the wraparound outdoor balconies.


The Pole House offers more than just a place to stay; it's a whole experience like no other.


Compact yet luxurious.


You can see why it's one of the most photographed houses in Australia.


Behold, the Pole House.

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