Hilarious Dads Protecting Their Daughters In Brilliant Ways

Fathers can be really overprotective of their daughters. Whether it’s about their driving or their dating lives, they just don’t want their little girls to get hurt. Sometimes dad take certain precautions to make themselves feel better about different situations. Here we have some hilarious dads protecting their daughters in brilliant ways. Take a look and feel free to share this post with your own dad! 

The perfect birth control assistance blanket. Who wants to be getting busy under this blanket? Not us! 

Wow. We bet dad was getting more worked up by the second! 


We love how shocked this dad is! 


Just taking the usual before-going-to-prom photo.


That guy on the left does not look like he is joking! 

Double no! 

That is one mean looking dad expression! 


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This dad must be a huge Liam Payne fan… 

We love this! It makes a nice change from the other shirts of this style that we see often. 

Dad made these photos way better with his interference! A great addition to the family album! 

A fair warning indeed. Not all dads want you to try and make them laugh. Be careful what you say as you don’t always know how it will be received…

When you receive random love notes. Cute! 

At least one of them looks happy.

dads protecting their daughters