Kids Reveal How They Felt When Their Parents Missed Life Changing Events

We want our loved ones to be there with us during the most important moments in our lives, especially our parents. Many of our childhood memories are shared with them. This is why their presence in our major life events is of the utmost importance. If your parents are always there to support you every step of the way, then you’re very fortunate. It’s truly sad to know that there are less fortunate kids whose parents missed life changing events in their lives. Here’s what they have to say…

The melancholy of being left out.

It’s difficult to deal with irresponsible parents.

That’s reasonable enough…

Dad lost all faith in marriage.

At least she made up for her shortcomings.

Considering all that happened, it’s just normal to be angry.

Learn to manage your priorities in life, dad.

It’s the alarm’s fault.

Every child longs for parental love and support.

This is unforgivable.

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The best retribution you can give to your unsupportive parents is to show them you can go far in life on your own, even without their support.

Being too busy can harm family relationships.

Now you know who’s on top of her priorities.

No man can win against the forces of nature.

She should have a reason at least.

Keep praying, keep believing.

Hope he gets through this ordeal.

This is so disappointing.

Your child should always come first, but having some compassion about the dog wouldn’t hurt. To many people, dogs are family members.