20 Period Life Hacks That Will Make Women’s Lives Easier

Being a woman is hard work. One subcategory of these hardships is a lady’s time of the month. Headaches, backaches, cravings, and awful cramping are just the worst. Here we have a list of women sharing their period life hacks that make this dreaded time more bearable. Take a look… 

Being on a tight budget can make you get a little creative.

The go-to during those horrible cramps.

Sounds something like a doctor would say.

The accuracy of the whole situation…

What matters most is that it works!

The coziest solution to every girl’s crazy problems.

Happiness is the answer.

Nobody wants a stain on their favorite jammies.

Something’s gotta have to work with the annoying cramps.

The pain makes you wanna do crazy things just to make things feel a little better.

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She’s definitely on to something.


There’s no need to waste energy on other things when you’ve got bigger fish to fry.

A pro-tip some might want to consider.

Scream, shout, just let it all out!

Green tea ice cream is the best!

Follow this step carefully and never worry about your sheets ever again!

Just being low key.

You know your man loves you when he helps relieve your cramping.

Better safe than sorry.