Cancer is a life ruining disease that many people manage to beat, and many people fall victim to. The evil illness does not discriminate by age, gender, religion or skin color. It devastates families and separates people from their loved ones far too soon. Unfortunately, kids are not immune and many of them find themselves battling to survive. Here we have a list of heartbreaking confessions from parents with children who have cancer. Take a look and spare a moment for all those out there struggling at this time…
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Bald ladies are absolutely beautiful! 

Having no control over the situation is just awful. 

You would trade places in an instant. 

Weight gain often occurs during stressful times. 

Our hearts break for this person. Life can be so cruel. 

Poor dad. Going through such a tough time alone must be horrible. 

You know things are bad when your mind and body are just numb. 

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We commend this mother. It must be awful feeling like time is being wasted but she works anyway to support her daughter’s medical bills. 

We don’t like to judge people’s beliefs, but if this were us, we would be ignoring the husband. 

Please be aware how staring can make a person feel, especially a child. 

It’s an unwinnable situation. 

Amazing. We love a story with a happy ending! 

You never want to wish your kids weren’t born, but to see them suffer, we understand these thoughts. 

Good on dad for making his son feel better.