This Awesome Photography Guide Is A Must-See For Beginners


Being a competent photographer is an extremely useful skill to have. If you can take great pictures, you'll be able to create a record of your life, and that of your friends and family, for future generations to enjoy. That's not to say that bad photographers can't do that, too, but wouldn't you rather look at a beautifully composed photo than some blurry old snap? The easy part of taking amazing photos is getting yourself a quality camera. After that, it's up to you to learn the tricks of the trade! The people over at 'KatchUp' have compiled this awesome infographic, which acts as a detailed guide to photography for beginners. So, if white balance is a mystery to you, and you think the rule of thirds might be to do with pie, then this guide is for you! It's only a quick crash course, but it makes everything simple and a breeze to understand, you'll be able to take professional standard photos before you know it! Take a look!
Website: KatchUp



Infographic Journal
Infographic Journal


We hope you've learned something useful and, if not, you might be a better photographer than you think you are!

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