These Stunning Paintings Are Inspired By Icelandic Myths


Most people know a few Greek and Roman myths, but Icelandic myths are a bit more of a mystery. In fact, not many people know much about this small and sparsely populated country in general. However, you can learn a little bit more from these paintings by Icelandic artist Ásgeir Jón Ásgeirsson. Ásgeir created this series of paintings for an album called "Með Vættum" from Icelandic metal band Skálmöld. The paintings are mostly based around an Icelandic saga "Heimskringla" but also draw inspiration from Skálmöld's lyrics, which are written by the band's vocalist Snæbjörn Ragnarsson. Regardless of where the inspiration comes from, these paintings are stunning works of art.

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Asgeir Jon Asgeirsson


Asgeir Jon Asgeirsson


Asgeir Jon Asgeirsson



Asgeir Jon Asgeirsson



These atmospheric paintings give viewers a better idea of Iceland's stark and strange landscapes, as well as shedding some light on the kinds of myths that shaped the country's consciousness in years gone by. If you think these have a JRR Tolkien feel to them, that's probably because Tolkien was inspired by Icelandic myths and other Nordic folklore.

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