These Awesome Moon And Planet Lamps Will Take You Out Of This World

It’s really sad that so many of us will never get to see the true beauty of space in the flesh. If you’re someone with a love for all things space related, you’re going to adore these stunning pieces. Brought to you by ‘PulsarMoonlight’ on Etsy, here we present some incredible moon and planet themed lamps. Each design holds a tremendous amount of detail and is completely unique as each one is hand decorated using non toxic paint. We would truly love to have a dozen of these lamps scattered all around our homes. Wouldn’t they make lovely gifts? Although, we probably couldn’t part ways with them! Take a look below to read more information about the artist behind the work and the process of the lamps being created!
Website: Etsy

The wonderful lamps are created by a lady called Maria Elena, a Rome based Italian astrophysicist. They are made out of recycled globes. Maria uses scientific pictures when painting her globes so that the surface of each moon or planet really shines through accurately. She does a superb job, don’t you think? If moons aren’t really your thing there are several other planet themed lamps to choose from, some bursting with vibrant colors. You may not be able to visit space but with these gorgeous lamps you can see some of the true beauty of our planets and moons up close. Products on the site at this moment range from roughly $70-$110. Keep going to see more examples of the unique pieces!