The Harsh Realities Of Having A Workaholic Partner

It’s good to have a partner who has a stable and well-paying job. A partner who works hard only shows his/her dedication to secure a successful life with you. But if your partner falls in love with the job more than you, well that’s a different story.

Work addiction kills romantic relationship. And if you’re in a relationship or married to a workaholic, you may have felt lonely, neglected, unappreciated, and taken for granted.  These people share their experiences of the harsh reality of having a workaholic partner.
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His girlfriend gave a new meaning to ‘partner in bed’.

Addiction to work can kill a relationship, and it can kill you (literally)!

This husband thinks his wife is using her work as an excuse for something.

Opposite poles attract each other. But can they work well together?

This is a solid proof of how work addiction can ruin a good marriage.

He finally understands how a lonely housewife feels.

Here’s something money can’t buy.

This girl keeps wondering how to survive their long distance relationship.

Perhaps she should consider choosing a man who knows her worth.

It’s best to think things over before you decide to tie the knot.

Being a second priority in a relationship is still tolerable, but being pushed aside is a bit too much.

His workaholic boyfriend is suffering from another type of addiction: auto addiction

Her boyfriend chose to miss all the fun for the sake of work.

It’s annoying when your man falls deeply in love with his work.

We also hope the husband will change his ways.