People Confess The Perils Of Falling For Their ‘Friends With Benefits’

Many people go through a time in their life where they have a ‘friends with benefits’ relationship. Generally, this means a no strings, no feelings arrangement that just involves sex. Some people have great success with these kind of relationships. However, rather inevitably, many other people find themselves ‘catching feelings’. Below we have a list of people confessing the perils of falling for their friends with benefits. Take a look!
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When the going’s good, you don’t want to ruin it. 

Just talk it out. If he’s truly your best friend, you’ll work things out together. 

The feelings aren’t always one sided! Sometimes mutual love blossoms. 

Here’s a thought… end things with the girlfriend?

Your partner deserves better… 

If you loved your boyfriend, you wouldn’t have a friend with benefits. 

Being lied to is never a nice feeling. 

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Why can’t you tell him? Take a chance!

You must be proud! 

There’s only one way to find out… ask! 

We’ve all had those moments… 

Falling For Friends With Benefits nothing but pain

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A pretty perfect analogy if you ask us… 

Things don’t always go as planned. 

This is one example of why you shouldn’t mix work with pleasure.