11 Pun-Filled Halloween Costumes That Will Make You Laugh


Halloween comes but once a year, so that’s more reason to go all out, dress up and have a good time! Although it’s traditionally a time for dressing up in spooky or scary costumes, nowadays many people go down a different route. Some folks like to dress up as TV or movie characters whereas others will always go for a funny costume if they can. The costumes that we’ve got for you today are all based around puns, and they’ve certainly given us a good chuckle! So, take a look at these eleven pun-filled halloween costumes that will make you laugh. 



Could be more trashy!


Power to the people!


The most hated of all backs.


Can you spot the cheeky X-Files references?


God’s gift to women? Yeah, right!


With hits such as “Paris Rock City” and “Calling Docteur Amour.”


Not formal enough!


And all you need to do is visit a hardware store!


The biggest fan there is.


We certainly don’t want to hear their rapping skills.


We’d rather have the chocolate kind!

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